Who is this program for?

  • You wake up feeling tired no matter how many hours you sleep at night
  • You desire to create a healthier relationship with your mind and body
  • You want to improve the relationship you have with food 
  • You mindlessly eat when you are experiencing emotional stressors
  • You lack the structure of a plan
  • You workout tirelessly and cannot lose weight
  • You don't have the energy to do the things you love
  • You desire to live a healthy lifestyle but you don't know where to begin
  • You desire the support system to achieve your health and wellness goals
  • You feel confused about the health and wellness industry and only desire to live a healthy lifestyle that up-levels your current lifestyle
  • A desire to be guided by someone who is supportive and sympathetic to your journey.
  • What you can expect: Together we will create a powerful vision for your mind & body transformation in 90 days or less. Learn about the foods and lifestyle habits that are hindering your progress and what to do about it. You will learn what it really means to eat healthily and learn about which foods create energy in your body and which foods rob you of your energy. Learn what it means to experience total mind, body wellness. A step by step plan to creating a realistic and holistic plan for a total mind, body transformation in 90 days. Each week we will do an in-person consultation followed by written and actionable steps with the guidance of coach Jess. You will get access to a meal plan via a health coaching app and a personailzed nutritional guidance plan for your unique needs. 

90 Day MindBody Wellness

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  • I will guide you through this program with different topics along with weekly worksheets to support a new and improved mindset for a healthy, strong and positive body image.

    Together we will create a clear vision and mission for improved health and self-esteem through creating a weekly plan followed by a written action plan.

    Learn about meditation and breathing techniques for relaxation and healthy digestion

    Learn different modalities to support your wellness journey.

    We will explore topics like self-love and confidence.

    You will learn different relaxation techniques to reduce stress and improve overall health and wellness.

    A basic blood work panel is included in this program. Additional lab work for weight loss, nutrients, omega 3's and optimal metabolism and can be ordered for an additional cost at a discounted rate. Optimize your personal health

    *Optional: Grocery Haul with Jess once per month. Learn how to navigate the aisles and choose the best healthy options for you.

    Recipes, grocery lists and personal coaching messages on your phone via health coaching app. 

    Weekly coaching guidance in person or online 

    We will create a powerful vision for your body transformation in 90 days or less.